I guess we can make this official…

I’m not real sure what to write. I guess I can introduce myself.  My name is Ashly and I wear LOTS of hats. Probably too many but don’t we all? I’m a wife, mama {I have two sassy, strong-willed girls}, radiation therapist, group fitness trainer, twirly dress seller, and now I am apparently a blogger as well.

I have NO CLUE how I got half of those hats. I forgot to mention I’m also a friend, foodie, daughter, sister, aunt…I’m sure there are more. Like I said, we all wear lots of hats, sometimes we don’t even realize how many.

So about this “blog”, don’t judge me on my use of grammar and punctuation. (I have no idea the real rules of that, I’m doing my best.) Second of all, this is a fun new adventure for me! I’m excited to share lots of recipes {mostly meal prep, but don’t be surprised to see indulgent ones from time to time}, food facts, and food adventures with you guys! I don’t really know what to tell you to expect at this point. Recipes? Absolutely. Meal plans? Possibly. Strategies to loose and maintain weight? That’s a thought. Restaurant indulgence recommendations? Still thinking on that. I do know that most of the important content will be located on my instagram! So follow me there for sure! @thebalancedprep

Lastly, I DO NOT claim to be an expert. I’m learning thru experience, so please just have fun and join me on this journey to living our best life.

Tangent–maybe we should address what our best life would be? Maybe that will be my next post? Who really knows.


2 thoughts on “I guess we can make this official…

  1. Welcome friend!! So excited I have a fellow blogger friend. I’m still figuring it out myself..

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