Recipe Recap-Week of March 11

Welcome to the first ever Recipe Recap!  If you have no clue what recipe’s I’m referring to you probably don’t follow me on insta, so do so NOW @thebalancedprep! Some of you might actually meal prep my meals the same weekend I make them but I’m thinking alot of you save them to make the next week so I thought I would do a recipe recap mid-week.  I can update you on changes I made to the recipe and let you know if it was actually worth making!  Last weeks recipes were FIRE!  Loved them both so much!


First recipe-Unstuffed Cabbage Bowls  via Skinny Taste–I’ll be honest, for some reason the cabbage AND the marjoram had me nervous.  I don’t like to use new ingredients and I had never used either of these.  But yall.  As soon as I smelled that marjoram cooking into my meat/sauce I knew this meal was going to be a winner.  And I can’t wait to experiment with marjoram more so please leave a comment if that is a go-to spice for you and let me know how you like to use it!  As for the cabbage, I had to google how to chop it up! hahaahah!  Like I said, I’m learning thru experience here!  But back to the recipe, it was a hit!  I changed up a few things, I used ground turkey in place of beef and I also didn’t mix my rice into the dish.  I would rather measure out my rice so I know exactly how much I get.  Oh and sriracha on top!


Second Recipe-Garlic Chicken and Veggie Pasta via Tasty–AMAZING!  Let me start off with the main change I made and a change I’m trying to make consistently at my house, Banza Pasta!  I am really enjoying this change and it is 100% helping me find my balance!  Making this dish I was really running behind so I went ahead and got three pans going.  First pan, pasta.  Second pan, a cast iron skillet for chicken.  Third pan, carrots.  I thought it saved some time doing it this way versus waiting to cook the veggies after the chicken was done.  I am ALWAYS trying to save time.  Also, as you can see in the photo of my prepped meal, I didn’t mix my chicken in.  I measured out 3oz portions to add to the 1.25 cup portion I measured out of the pasta and veggie mixture.  I also upped the amount of veggies in this dish.  Oh and i didn’t use near all of that oil, I used spray oil until the very end when you add the garlic.  You kind of have to break down and use it at that point beccause that’s what is making the “sauce” for your pasta.

I hope you enjoyed this dish!  Let me know which as your favorite and how you adapted it best for you!

Also, I bought an air fryer today.  I’m SUPER excited to get it in and use it! I got a good deal on this one.  I follow a girl on instagram and she cooked salmon in hers in 12 minutes for lunch and said it was awesome.  That’s something yall can expect to see here also…lots of kitchen gadgets!

Happy Wednesday!


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