Meal Prep Basics

If you’re following this blog you are most likely atleast a little interested in meal prep. Maybe you’ve done it for years or maybe you are intimidated by it and are just watching to see if you want to join in. First of all, JOIN US! It will seriously make your week so much easier and you will make much healthier choices. But if you are nervous or intimated by meal prep I thought I could give you the basics and help you feel confident in getting started!

First things first, decide WHEN you can work this into your week. Lately I’ve been prepping on Saturday mornings. That’s kind of a random time for me because our family is normally headed out of town on the weekends but we’ve been home a lot lately so it’s working great! I head to McClure Fitness for spin at 8am and then when I get home the baby is asleep for her morning nap, Emerson plays in the kitchen and living room, and I prep! I love it! Starts my Saturday off so great! Just make sure you allow enough time to get everything cooked. Some days it takes an hour to get two meals prepped and some times it takes three! Choose your meals wisely! Some weeks, like when we are out of town on the weekends, I have to prep in the evenings or Sunday afternoons. When I prep in the evenings I’ll cook one of my recipes for the week when I get home from work and measure out the portions. My husband and I will grab one of the servings each for supper and the rest go in the fridge for the week. Most important part of that route is to MEASURE YOUR PORTIONS BEFORE YOU START EATING. If you don’t you are destined to get a second helping and that’ll ruin your portions! So decide WHEN and then…

Decide WHAT you want to cook for the week. I recommend looking at my Recipe Recaps {I’ll be posting those weekly} and choosing from there! Find the recipes that seem easiest and quickest for starting out. I like to make at least two meals, I can’t eat the same thing for 5 days in a row. Too repetitive and boring. I also like to use two different proteins, I don’t want Chicken every day! So now that you know WHEN and WHAT…


Its time to SHOP! I’m going to go ahead and say if you don’t Clicklist you are missing out! I make my grocery list from my recipes, order everything online and pick up after work! SO easy and really, honestly life changing for me. Like I’ve said before, I am ALWAYS trying to save time. It actually helps me save money also! I don’t stroll thru the store putting those 10 random items in my buggy, I get what I need and that’s it! There is at least one item you are going to need that you don’t have if you don’t currently prep…meal prep containers! I normally use the plastic containers and I have few different styles but I like {these} the best! They seem to be the sturdiest. This week I decided to order a set of glass containers {these} that I’m excited to try! Hopefully I can clear out my plastic containers and only use glass. So much better for you and it’s a small easy change! If you choose a recipe that requires a dressing or sauce you will also need small containers {throw away or plastic} to put that in.

Now you are ready to conquer your first meal prep! Get to cooking!


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