🍷Indulgence 🍕

You’ve gotta love the life you live.

I’ve gone thru a lot of different “diets” that eventually helped me to figure out what lifestyle changes (aka NOT DIETS) actually work for me. Thru that journey one thing has always rang true…I’m going to need wine, margaritas, pizza and cheese dip to fit in to my life in order to love it! That’s kind of where this blog idea came from. I needed a place to look for an example of a healthy lifestyle but not someone so caught up with it that they didn’t enjoy a few indulgences. I’ve shared a lot of healthy tips and tricks and recipes so far but the time has come for Pizza.

And wine of course. And lots of other yummy treats.

Last week I knew I was going to be home with my girls without my husband for a few day and I was going to need to escape. That lead me to this post. An excellent reason to get a sitter, grab a friend or two, and head OUT the door. Deuces children, Mama has wine to drink.

It was so nice to actually indulge in my dinner without a SINGLE REGRET. Regret. You know what I mean. You go to dinner and want to order the dessert but that guilt rushes over you and you don’t do it. Or you wanna order that burger but you’ve gotta wear shorts in two weeks and wanna feel your best in them so you get grilled chicken and veggies instead. Or you get the dessert or burger but feel all the shame, regret, and judgment for your choice. We DO NOT have to live that way. ***Now let me clarify. You sometimes DO have to pass up the indulgence for the sake of #goals but you don’t have to live every single meal, outing, vacation, lunch, just whatever that way.  You just don’t.

But this is a relatively new revelation to me.  Saturday night might have been the first time I’ve ever ordered and eaten W H A T E V E R I wanted without a little bit of regret.  Maybe yall have no clue what I’m talking about, I could be a little cra-cra but, to me, I sometimes feel like I am a prisoner to food.  That’s kind of crazy to type out but honestly I have 100% felt that way. Anyone else? The last 10ish years of my life have been centered around changing that mindset yet still, 10 years in to a healthier life its a daily choice. Lots of daily choices I’ve won (I’ve lost 50 pounds almost THREE TIMES 😳😳 I’m less than 10 pounds shy of losing it officially for the third time) but lots of days I still fall into that prison. The prison that food controls life. Thinking it controls happiness.

So how was I able to enjoy such an indulgence?  I planned ahead.  All week I made small, seemingly insignifigant decisions that made me confident in my choice to indulge.  I made sure to get my workouts in and I made sure to be super strict on my meal prep during the week.  I’ve gotten really bad about snacking at night but I cut that out last week.  I got up, drug 2 kids out of the house to make it to spin on Saturday morning.  I cut back on my calories during the day Saturday, easily done by skipping the carb portion of my meal prep at lunch.  And I knew that on Sunday morning it was back to the grind.  I also had to win the head game. That’s an entirely different post. Basically? Ya gotta personally develop. Take time for yourself. I’m also pretty lucky in the fact that I have a couple of friends who have mastered this mindset and there was not one single mention of the calories in the food, the workouts we would need to do in order to work off this meal, not an “I probably shouldn’t eat this” comment.  None of it.  We enjoyed it.  We were loving the life we were living.  Find you some girlfriends like that!

And here are a couple more pictures I’ll be drooling over until my next indulgence!


2 thoughts on “🍷Indulgence 🍕

  1. Girl, you said it perfectly “prisoner to food”. I know exactly how you have felt and I can’t tell you how much you have touched me with this post….because I do all those things. I feel the shame, regret, won’t order what I truly want (most occasions) when we go out and I almost always look at the menu first so I can pick the best option to stay as healthy as possible. Don’t get me wrong, not all the time…but this is a struggle for me. And yes, I do feel like a prisoner to food and stress WAY too much about what I eat. Part of my issue is how much we see people posting on social media about how we can’t have sugars, cheese, bread, nut butter, pizza, alcohol, processed foods….and on and on. Keep this blog going because I’m here to say I felt you were speaking directly to me!
    And then there’s talk about Keto, intermittent fasting, Whole 30c etc…. Those are all fad diets. It’s about lifestyle change, healthier eating habits and getting off the couch and being active! But you hit the nail on the head – balance!

    I vow to repeat these words you typed and work on my own mindset and enjoy life!

    1. We can overcome that mindset! It just takes intentional work! I am going to be looking for a couple books and blogs to recommend on these topics! Thanks for sharing! I so appreciate it!

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