Recipe Recap-Week of March 25

So hopefully you can tell that with my meal prep I am always aiming to be EASY! This week was just that. I had to prep in the nook and cranny moments of the weekend. It took some commitment. I’ll be completely honest, this blog/insta was the only reason my second recipe was completed. I am so grateful for this accountability. All I wanted to do was nap while the girls napped on Sunday…but #goals.  Make sure to read to the end, I’ve got an announcement!


Taco Bowls via Sweet Peas and Saffron-Oh how yummy these are. The best part is the salsa! So fresh, so simple, and incredibly tasty! It was also the most time consuming to prepare but oh so worth it. But, if time is of the essence you could easily omit the homemade salsa and buy some! Really, for this meal all you have to do is prepare is the meat and cook the rice. Throw those two things in a bowl with drained, canned corn and canned salsa and BAM! You’re done! If you have the time though, I recommend you actually make the salsa AND char the corn 😍😍 I also added a bed of baby spinach to increase my veggies!


Italian Chicken and Veggie Bowls via EeazyPeazyMealz-This was my Sunday meal that I DID. NOT. WANT. TO MAKE.  But I am so glad I did!  Super yummy and very simple.  I basically always make a double batch of every meal because my husband and I both eat what I prep but somehow I always run out of something.  This week I ran out of tomatoes and chicken.  Boooo!  I LOVE roasted cherry tomatoes, they are so sweet and juicy.  I’m going to make this again ASAP so that I can add those in.  Since I only had enough chicken for one batch I went ahead and doubled the veggies to keep on hand during the week.  So yeah, all you’ve gotta do is chop everything up, put them on a baking sheet, sprinkle on seasons and olive oil, stir, roast.  Done.

As always, measure EVERYTHING as you put them into your meal prep containers (check this deal out!  25 for $12).   I weighed my protein first (I always aim for around 3 ounces) on my digital scale, then used a measuring cup to measure my veggies (1/4 cup corn for taco bowls, 1/2 cup of roasted veggies), and lastly my rice (either 1/3 or 1/2 a cup).

Speaking of rice.  Does anyone else SUCK at cooking rice?!  I almost always buy the bags but I am attempting to be more economical and now that I have my pressure cooker it is so much easier and is starting to actually become edible! Haha!  This week’s version/recipe for pressure cooker or instapot–2 cups brown rice, 2 cups water, 15 minutes on high pressure with natural release.  That’s the best version I’ve done so far.  Anyone have a fool proof rice recipe? If so, I’m game to try it!  Also, I’m linking an instapot (find it here, there are 3 different size options) because I want one and you should too!  It’s my next purchase!

ANNOUNCEMENT–Who is ready to sign up for my FIRST 4 week meal plan?!  It will be emailed out in two-week increments.  The first will be this Saturday and a second 2 week plan in two weeks.  I am only opening this up to 15 people!  First come, first served.  To claim your spot email me at  This is a FREE meal plan that will give you meals and snacks, staying within 1500-1800 calories daily with add-ons to up your daily calorie intake if your daily calorie goal is more.  I’ll be doing this meal plan as well and look forward to all we will achieve!


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