What’s in you cart…

Lately it seems like everything I need, other than groceries, can be found on Amazon.  I even shopped on Amazon for my Easter dress.  Not sure if that means I was desperate or if Amazon is just that good?  Verdict is still out, I didn’t end up ordering the dress I was debating.  Anyways, as I get on Amazon almost daily I started thinking that I should share with you what’s currently in my cart.  You never know, it could be in my cart waiting to be sent to someone for who wins the next giveaway?!  But wait, do you even have Prime?!  If not, you are REALLY missing out but you’re in luck, you can Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!

Trader Joe’s Seasoning–I actually haven’t tried all of these yet but everyone is raving about the “everything but the bagel” and the other sounds so yummy too! I was so excited to see this trio pop up when I went to order the everything seasoning.

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes–Good quality sea salt is a necessity for cooking! If you aren’t using it, START! I want these adorable salt and pepper cellars to put my sea salt and course ground pepper in!  I have a wooden one now but I think those would be just perfect!

WTF?! Tea Towel–Hahahaha! Where’s the Food?! This one gave me a good laugh! Is this tea towell not too funny!  I was actually looking for a tea towel for the last giveaway and ran across this. Too funny, I had to add it to my cart! It’s so funny to me for a couple reasons. One, the obvious. WTF. Second, I get hangry and I get hangry quick! So yep, I’m normally screaming, “Where’s the food”?!

Glass meal prep containers–These are going to be on my list for a while. I am working to do away with all of my plastic containers and move to all glass. My last order I got the divided containers, which I am loving, but this time I need an undivided set.

Lastly, an InstaPot. So I have a pressure cooker but it’s old and was a hand-me-down. I just really want a new Instapot. It’s definitely not a need so it might stay in my car for a while. I haven’t been able to make myself order it yet. But it’s coming!

Of course I have a couple of items non food/prep related also!  I’m wanting to try out this work out tank and this crop sports bra.  And I’m needing to order spin shoes and have these in mind.  For some reason I just can’t bring myself to spend money on spin shoes I wear once a week.  But I teach spin.  So I should really understand the value in a spin shoe.  Oh to have all the money in the world…oh well!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend and is ready to conquer another Monday!  Today starts the first day of my first every shared meal plan!  I am so anxious to see who sticks with it and what results everyone has!  Let’s do this Peeps!


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