Recipe Recap-Week of April 1st

No April Fools Day jokes here! I prepped FOUR meals on Sunday and didn’t even pickup my groceries until 5pm. We had a fun weekend away with family so I set my Clicklist to be ready as we pulled into town! Again, Clicklist is a LIFESAVER.

So why did I prep four meals this week? Well this is week one of my four week meal plan and I didn’t want ANY excuses! If you have everything cooked and ready you are WAY more likely to stick to the plan. I mean, are you really going to throw out meals you put time and effort into cooking? No! Or atleast I’m not. I could have done a lot of other things but chose to cook so I’m going to eat it! One or two of the meals I’ve recapped before {Garlic Chicken and Veggies Pasta} so I’m going to stick with just going over two like normal.

Easy Prep Salad–No real recipe here, just throw everything in a prep container and go! My friend Kristen is the queen of these salads. This week’s salad sat on a bed of spring mix, topped with cucumbers, cherub tomatoes, boiled eggs and turkey lunch meat. A couple things to note when having a salad for meal–1) make sure you’ve got plenty of lean protein (turkey and egg), 2) change up your veggies (bell pepper, onion, olives, pepperchini peppers, etc) so you don’t get burnt out, and 3) be EXTREMELY cautious of what type of dressing you use and MEASURE it out. I do use cheese from time to time but I have to limit myself. If I’ve got enough veggies and a great dressing I don’t even miss the cheese. I haven’t been prepping salads enough lately, this was quick to throw together and will give me tons of veggies to keep my body happy! My advice if you’re new to prepping is to start with a salad. It requires no cooking, not much chopping, and about 2 minutes to make an entire weeks worth of lunches. Just make sure to add some type of carb also. This week I had a serving of pretzels with my salad.


Slow Cooked Honey Chipotle Taco Bowl–Here is another winner for quick and easy!  I literally JUST ate this for lunch as I’m typing.  It was super filling and had good flavor.  This recipe is a GREAT option for a weeknight meal in a hurry, as long as you plan ahead and get your crock pot going.  Instead of cutting up cabbage and whatever else it called for I took a short cut and bought the broccoli slaw already prepped at Kroger.  I then sliced one red bell pepper on my mandolin to mix in.  {I have a flimsy, cheap mandolin but I am dreaming of the one this one}.  About 60 seconds of work and my dish is ready to be topped with spicy, sweet shredded chicken.  For the chicken I didn’t bother with adding in the chipotle, I just used adobo seasoning and called it good.  I can imagine the flavor would be even better with the diced up pepper.  This dish can be eaten cold or hot alone OR you can use it to fill tortillas.  I didn’t add in the tortilla strips because tortilla strips aren’t going to help me get summer ready.  Like I always say #goals

So now it’s your turn to talk.  What meals have you made so far?  Any favorites?  What holds you back from meal prepping? Gimmie your feedback friends!


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