hashtag goals. do you have them?

I know, it’s April. A little late for resolutions. But this blog wasn’t around in January and I thought I could give you a little more insight into me, the girl behind the prep.

I’m not big on resolutions, mainly because I’m not good at staying with something. Not because I don’t want to, because I forget.  Like literally, tons of good intentions and then by March I start to think, hold up, what was I trying to accomplish this year?  I didn’t write it down, I didn’t set goals, therefore I don’t achieve.  This year for some reason, I made ONE resolution.



That’s it.  I want my strength back.  hashtag goals.

I always thought when evaluating my goals it was about weight loss.  I was aiming for a goal weight, a goal pants size or shirt size but when I really think about what I want from all of these hours in the gym and meal prepping it’s STRENGTH.

You see, I’m pretty competitive.  But to be competitive you have got to be able to compete.  You must be able to actually complete whats asked of  you before you can step up to the challenge and kill it.  I hate not being able to do something.  And yes, hate is a strong word but I DO NOT like to feel inferior.  And that’s how I’ve felt post kids.  Not because I’ve had kids, that would just be a lame and rude excuse, but because I hadn’t decided to truly change.  Yeah, I lost the weight after Emerson for the most part but I still didn’t have the confidence I longed for.

When I think to a time when I was most happy with myself it was when I was my strongest.  I remember busting out handstand pushups.  Being close to the front of the sprint group.  Grabbing heavier weights.  Taking less breaks.  Having more energy.  Strong.  Everything always comes back to strength.

Three months into the year I’m finding it.  I’m working out more, grabbing heavier weights, pressing into sprints in spin class instead of backing off, having less cheat meals, smiling more, talking more to strangers, playing more with my kids.  AKA HAPPIER.  AKA CONFIDENT.  But I’m not completely there yet and I’ll never totally be there (my strongest).  Why will I never be there?  Because strength is so relative.  What I have in my mind as strong today will be different than what I think next year or in five years.  It’s relative to where you are in life.  But I’ve also spend this whole post talking mostly about physical strength.  What about emotional strength?  Mental strength?  Do you think you ever conquer all of those?  I really don’t think you do.  I think you get better and better (if you try, it doesn’t happen without intention) but we ALWAYS have room for improvement.

So it’s time to check in on those #goals for the year.  Did you decide to make any changes this year?  Have you forgotten about them?  Have you already achieved them?  How do you hold yourself accountable?  How do you improve daily?   Really, I wanna know!  Comment and lets talk about the hard stuff!



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