So let’s be honest, there are two things you’ve got to do in order to create a lifestyle change.  You’ve got to decide to make the change and then you’ve gotta stay with it.  For me, the hardest part about weight loss or a lifestyle change is staying with it.  We get on a roll, we’ve mastered one week, two weeks, maybe even three.  And then it hits.  You get on the scale or put on your goals jeans and somehow you didn’t magically loose the 20 pounds in those three weeks and the jeans STILL don’t button.  So we say “screw it” and go eat the pizza or cheese dip or ice cream or whatever your vice may be.  We have ALL been there.  And we ALL need to learn how to NOT fall into that cycle.  Here are a few ways to get on track and stay on track!


steve-harvey-467309-unsplashLove yourself

If there is one thing I have learned it’s that NO GOAL IS ATTAINABLE WITHOUT SELF LOVE.  If you don’t love yourself, no matter where you are in life, you aren’t going to give yourself the attention you need.  It all starts on the inside.  Something inside of you is telling you that you deserve a healthier/stronger/more active life so cling to that.  That’s the part of you that loves you and wants to thrive.  Dig deep and write out a list of the things you love about yourself.  It could be your charisma, determination, humor, smile, butt, whatever!  I encourage you to make a list of at least 5 things and HOLD ON TIGHT to those!  These are YOUR truths and there will be a time, probably quiet often actually, that you need to speak truth into yourself.  When you get discouraged I encourage you to get these out and claim them again.

patricia-serna-415257-unsplashFind a goal

I say find a goal because everyone’s goal is going to be so different.  For some it might be training for a race or event, for me it’s finding a pair of clothing I want to fit into.  NOT A NUMBER ON THE SCALE.  Recently a friend really got me thinking about what my goal weight is or more so during this conversation it encouraged me to not have a goal weight.  To have a goal weight you have to have a number in mind.  The number I had been claiming as my goal is a number that I was able to achieve almost FIVE years ago but I just don’t know if that number is what I should be aiming for.  What if it’s too low, what if it’s not low enough?  I hit that weight right before I started trying to have children.  (The first time I lost FIFTY pounds!)  What if I didn’t get pregnant?  Would I have been able to get to a lower weight?  I don’t know.  So instead I’ve decided to find a goal size.  Today I am going to take action on this goal and try on that size.  I’m going into the changing room FULLY AWARE that these shorts are not going to fit today.  It is a goal.  That means I have not yet achieved that size.  That means I WILL NOT let how these jeans fit dictate my mood today.  I will however let them be a motivating factor to KEEP GOING.  Heck, I’m probably going to BUY them so I can put them in my closet to stare at daily!

bruce-mars-554386-unsplash.jpgGet Accountable

I really don’t think there is much to say about this.  YOU NEED ACCOUNTABILITY.  Get to the gym, find a group of girls (or guys.  do guys read this?) and vow to #killit at the gym 5 days a week!  Not all people willing to be accountable are meant to be YOUR accountability though.  For me, it’s important for these girls to not only want to #killit in the gym but they also gotta love food.  I need them to be real with me on the struggle to give up daily cheat meals but I also need them to know when to encourage me to grab that margarita, pizza, wine, burger, etc.  Balance with goals.  So I guess I had more to say about accountability that I thought.

mark-adriane-259950-unsplashReward the Good Work

Anyone else reward driven?!  I mean, if I’m working hard I want something for it!  It’s so important to reward yourself with the correct things though.  Alot of times we move to a food related reward but food related rewards are a slippery slope AND they combat the good you did!  You know what I mean.  “I stuck to my meal plan all week so on Saturday I have earned 3 donuts, french fries with my lunch, a nice dinner out, including desert of course. Oh, and lets not forget about the before, during and after dinner drinks.”  Yeah, you aint gettin’ nowhere with that business.  Trust me, I know.  I’ve tried it.  So lets change that mindset into rewarding yourself with a new pair of workout shorts or maybe your husband/wife agrees to watch the kids for a little while so you can go get your nails done.  Something you enjoy that isn’t food related.  I’m still debating what my next reward is going to be.  I’m trying to decide between an Apple Watch or Wireless Beats Headphones.  Definitely leaning more toward the Apple Watch!  This is a bigger reward than I would normally have but I’m working towards a BIG goal so I’ll deserve it!

For more info related to goals check out my post on #goals.

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