Two Fool Proof Beginner Meal Preps

I forget how intimidating that first meal prep can be. What the heck do I do? And where do I start?  Is this going to take forever?  Ugh…just nevermind.

Hold up, take a breath, and let me help.  First, read thru Meal Prep Basics so you know where to start and you can make sure you have a couple items that are pretty much must-haves to prep.  Then come back here and below you will find two super easy, extremely fast, beginner meals to prep.

Ok, now we’re ready!  I’ve realized over the last few weeks of being even more diligent with my prepping and by sharing those preps that NOT ALL MEALS ARE CREATED EQUAL.  Some take no prep work, just thrown together in a bowl and your ready, and some take A LOT of prep work.  I try to stear clear of the later but sometimes I put a little more effort in for the sake of flavor and to get out of the mundane meals that are so simple.  This post is going to be ALL about the easy, no prep side of things.


I think a salad is a great, easy place to start.  I don’t always want a salad but for lunch it is such an easy option and gives you all the things you need in the middle of the day.  Well, as long as you build it appropriately.  Lots of veggies, a serving of carbs, and definitely protein.  Two of my favorite salads are my Easy Turkey and Egg Salad and the yummiest Greek Marinated Chicken served over a Greek Salad.  The Greek Chicken Salad isn’t making the cut for the easiest, just because marinating and cooking the chicken adds a couple steps but you can check that recipe out here.  That chicken marinade alone is worth print out and saving!  So back to the Easy Turkey and Egg Salad.  Here’s what you need: one big container spring mix, one english cucumber, one container cherub tomatoes, 5 boiled eggs (you can buy these boiled already), 1lb turkey lunch meat, low calorie dressing.  Chop up your cucumber and then evenly divide all ingredients between 5 containers.  Make sure to measure out your dressing.  Let me say that again, MAKE SURE TO MEASURE OUT OUR DRESSING.  The easiest and quickest way to ruin this is to dump a ton of ranch dressing on top.  Ok.  Done.  You’ve just successfully prepped 5 days worth of lunches to keep you on track!

Brown Rice and Turkey Skillet

This is TOO easy.  I started prepping this meal a couple years ago and it always makes its way back into the list of staples.  My husbands loves it and is the reason it has become a staple.  It’s honestly as easy as 1, 2, 3.  First, brown 1 pound of ground turkey.  You want to always get the 93/7 turkey, make sure you aren’t getting the fatty stuff!  While it’s browning I normally add in either garlic powder or minced garlic and salt and pepper.  Once the meat is browned you add in a full bag of baby spinach.  You’ll think that’s incredibly too much but I promise it won’t be.  Allow the spinach to wilt down by stirring it often.  Oh yeah, make sure you turned the heat down to low.  While the spinach is cooking grab a 90 second bag of rice and throw it in the microwave.  When the rice is cooked, mixed it with the spinach and turkey.  Season with liquid aminos (a healthy alternative to soy sauce), divide into four containers and you’re done!  Recently I’ve started adding 3 oz of sweet potato on the side to help get the calorie count up and make sure I’ve got enough carbs. (I’ve started using an air fryer to cook my sweet potatoes and “boil” my eggs and I’m  HUGE fan!!)

So yall, it’s really that easy!  Who feels empowered to go and attack this weeks meal prep?!


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  1. I just made the brown rice and turkey skillet. I saw a video where you added cooked broccoli, so I added it too. That might be the easiest thing I have ever cooked!

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