Recipe Recap-Week of April 15th

Wow, this week is getting away from me!  I’m filling in at a couple of classes right now at the gym and it’s making the weeks FLY by!  I literally feel like April just started and I looked down and there are 11 days left.  What in the world?!  This week one of the “recipes” I’m going to recap is just simply how to bake chicken breasts.  It is so vital to meal prep to be able to successfully bake chicken.  Obvious statement, right?  But I bet a lot of you don’t know how.  You’re chicken ends up dry and flavorless.  Booooo!  So let’s start with that.

Easy Baked Chicken–First things first, make sure and buy quality chicken.  I have learned in my meal prep journey to skip the cheap stuff and buy quality meat.  It’s easier to handle, you don’t have to trim all the yuck off and I PROMISE it tastes better.  Ok, so buy the quality stuff and then when you get it out to cook evaluate the size of the chicken breasts.  A lot of times I slice them in half to make them thinner and then I might even cut them into small chunks so they are closer to the portion size I would prefer (see picture below).  However you do it, make sure the pieces are as close to the same size as possible.  Make sure at this point you get your over pre-heating to 450 if you haven’t already done so.    Next, season with your favorite spices.  Most of the time we use Cavendars but I might use different spices if I’m using a recipe like the Italian Chicken or Greek Chicken I make ALL the time.  After I have seasoned my meat I then either drizzle on a tad bit of EVOO or I use my EVOO spray.  I NEVER coat the chicken in oil.  Waste. Of. Calories.  Place the chicken breasts in a 9×13 baking dish or a roasting pan.  Once your oven is pre-heated place your chicken breasts in the middle of the oven and cook for 18-20 minutes.  That higher heat allows you to cook in a shorter amount of time and keeps the moisture.  Always make sure your chicken cooks to an internal temperature of 165 degrees.

Since your oven is already heated you could easily throw diced sweet potatoes and broccoli in the oven for 20 minutes (stir halfway thru) to roast.  **Side note**  If you’ve hit a plateau and need to real in your eating for a week I highly recommend switching from some of the more “exciting” meals that we prep and going to simply chicken, sweet potatoes (or rice), and broccoli.  Clean food is the best food to drop the weight and push thru a plateau.

Clean food helps overcome a plateau

Denver Omelet via Cooking Classy–I have made this twice in the last three weeks!  I’m a huge fan because of how yummy and rich it tastes and because of how simple it is to make.  You can see on the recipe it calls for peppers and onions diced.  Well let me let you in on a little secret that I use ALL THE TIME.  At Kroger there is a frozen bag mix of those already diced up!  #winning  Grab that frozen bag, dice up a some ham (or switch this out for ground, pre-cooked turkey sausage), get some eggs and a tiny bit of milk and you’re done!  I don’t add in half a cup of cheese, it’s just not necessary.  I sprinkle instead, the tiniest bit if shredded mozzarella.  I think the mozzarella is much better than the sharp.  Completely changes the taste, even when I only use a tiny bit.

I’ve made this in a casserole dish and in muffins, I personally prefer to make a casserole.  I just honestly can’t stand to clean the muffin pan.  But I am ordering silicon liners and might try it again.

This week I also made an easy Brown Rice and Turkey Skillet and my favorite (and only one I’ve made) cabbage recipe.

I’m working on a new post about this but I’ve had people message to ask me about my air fryer and my pressure cooker.  As of right now, my pressure cooker is my favorite of the two (although I REALLY want to replace it with an instant pot) BUT I am just now starting to experiment with my air fryer!  I would love to hear from you guys on which one you use and what your favorite things to make in each of them are!


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