Four Tips to Getting Back on Track Post-Vacay

If you follow me on insta you probably saw that I was on vacation to Scottsdale last week. It was a much needed escape from my Mom duties that rejuvenated my heart and soul, plus I scored a nice tan! While on vacay we had delicious food and tasty drinks that were definitely indulgences so while traveling back home I was already creating a game plan to get back on track with my eating. I asked the girls I was traveling with what some of their tips would be to getting back on track post vacay and am compiling that list here!  But first, lets just stare at a couple of my indulgences from the week!

Four Tips to Getting Back on Track Post-Vacay

1. Clean out/reorganize your pantry and fridge

We all know (maybe you don’t, sorry to assume) that when you eat sugar/carbs/junk you’re body actually begins to crave them.  Seriously.  Sugar can totally be an addiction so you have to break that cycle.  This is never easy but there is always the tried and true method of “if you don’t have it, you can’t eat it”.  It’s important that when you get home you check you pantry and fridge of any and all items that might deter you getting back on track and THROW THEM OUT!  I know for me personally we keep a few treats for our oldest daughter but sometimes Mama gets into those treats.  For this first week back its important for me to put those away so that I can’t access them until I get my body back to craving all things good.  I also try not to but any wine this first week, a good detox is always good!  This is also a good time to organize the healthy items also.  I like these metal baskets to organize boxed and canned goods or my daughters snacks.  A pretty pantry is so inviting and makes me want to fill it up with yummy, healthy items!

2. Jump immediately back into meal prep

A couple of us agreed that we used to feel like we could come back and just “wing it”.  We didn’t think we needed to plan ahead and we definitely didn’t want to spend our first day back with our families grocery shopping or meal prepping.  My how much that has changed!  We’ve realized that it’s actually going to allow us to have more time with our family during the week if we just spend 1-2 hours getting everything back in order and preparing our meals for the week.  If we try to “wing it” we end up in the drive thru or at our favorite Mexican Restaurant (La Hacienda is LIFE) which keeps us on the path to yoga pants because let’s be honest, after a week of vacation followed by a week of “winging it” we aren’t going to want to come near a pair of pants with buttons!  I suggest choosing a meal prep recipe that uses the crock pot (love these crock pot buffalo chicken wraps) so that there isn’t much that needs to be done other than stirring a few things together or you could get a couple items to grill so the family can all play outside while you’re grilling.  I love to use a grill basket for veggies but you can also just create a basket with foil.

3. Have your next workout planned

If you know the group of girls I went on vacay with you can most likely guess who’s tip this was, the one and only Marietta.  Before you head home you need to decide when and where you are working out AND go ahead and pay for it ahead of time to hold you accountable.  This goes hand-in-hand with the jumping immediately back into meal prep mentality.  You’re going to naturally want to skip out on the next workout, maybe so that you don’t take time away from your family or maybe because you “need” to sleep in before you have to tackle that first day back to work.  Whatever the reason is, it’s just an excuse that’s going to hold you back.  Jump straight back in and GET. TO WORK.

4. No negative self-talk

This might be the important tip, it’s definitely the one I’m working the hardest on.  While on vacation I choose to indulge.  It wasn’t a free-for-all but I definitely had more carbs, dairy, alcohol, dessert, etc than I’ve had in a very long time.  Luckily I traveled with girls that all live a similar philosophy that I do, finding the balance.  We shared meals sometimes and we ordered extra sometimes (mainly extra orders of fries.  we love some french fries) but we NEVER participated in negative self talk and that MUST transition into getting back on track.  Don’t beat yourself up about the foods you ate and don’t starve yourself now that you’re back.  A couple days of indulgence really isn’t going to change much if you’re looking at the big picture but negative self talk can lead into a spiral that none of us need to be on.  To combat falling into negative self talk I’m trying to read more and do LESS social media.  Social media can be great but social media can also be terrible.  I had a friend lend me a couple books but next on my list to purchase is Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be.  I mean, pretty perfect right?!

So now that you know my tips, do you have any tips or recommendations for getting back on track post-vacay?


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