Prepping for Mother’s Day Lunch

This weeks recap is quite a bit different!  I didn’t do my normal healthy meal prep, instead I was prepping on Saturday to host Mother’s Day Lunch at my house!  Sunday was not only Mother’s Day but it was also Parent’s Dedication Day at church.  We loved having family with us at our church to surround us and lift us up as we dedicate ourselves to raising Maggie Kate in a Christ centered home.  It meant so much to us!

Since we were serving a crowd (11 adults!) I needed something that could be prepped before hand and was EASY!  What better than a taco bar?!  Any excuse for cheese dip, right?  We started the prep on Friday night.  While my husband grilled salmon for us to have that evening for supper he also pulled out his Fire Disk (such a handy portable cooker! Easy to store, easy to travel with, easy to setup, easy to clean) and cooked up the ground beef super easy!

I ended up making up my own taco seasoning and it worked out pretty well.  I’m still perfecting it so I’ll have to share that at a later date!  I liked it because it had crushed red pepper flakes!  Everything else I ended up doing on Sunday morning before church.  I made Crockpot Salsa Chicken, cut up a head of lettuce and a couple tomatoes, and made the MOST DELICIOUS cream cheese pound cake EVER before we headed to church.  When we got back from church all I needed to do was make re-heat the beef, make the cheese dip and guacamole, and set out the toppings.


Cream Cheese Pound Cake from Elizabeth’s Edible Experience–This pound cakes takes 2 hours to cook so definitely make sure to allot enough time for it to cook but seriously, don’t go too long without trying this one out!  I have a friend from work who requests this every year for her bday.  I surprised her with leftovers on Monday since I didn’t need it hanging around my house!  Here’s a secret about this pound cake…you end up with this AMAZING crunchy crust that is the most delicious part.  I normally cut it off so that my cake lays flat and eat all of that myself!  I also diced up some strawberries on Saturday to top the pound cake and had homemade vanilla ice cream.

Crockpot Salsa Chicken–you can find variations of this one all over the internet but I prefer to make it the simplest way so that it’s the healthiest and easiest.img_1495.jpg

  • 3-4 chicken breasts
  • 1 jar of salsa (whatever you prefer)
  • taco seasoning

Place chicken in crockpot and top with seasoning then salsa.  Stir to cover chicken in salsa.  Cook on high for 3 hours then shred chicken.  Add chicken back to liquid or leave the chicken dry after shredding.  *you can cook this on low for 6-8 hours I just prefer the texture of the chicken when it cooks on high for a shorter time.

The best thing about this prep was that normally ALL the cheese dip is eaten at the gathering (no one needs cheese dip sitting in their fridge!) and if you have meat leftover they will be great options for meal prep!  I had enough chicken leftover to make up four lunches for the week.  I combined the chicken with drained and rinsed black beans and squash that my husband had also grilled on Friday night.  The flavors melted together perfectly!  For my husbands lunches I also added in wild and long grain rice.


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