Recipe Recap–Greek Turkey Burgers

Over the last couple of weeks we have been so busy on the weekends.  It’s summer and I just really don’t want to spend my weekends inside cooking so it’s honestly gotten me a little off track.  I am trying to figure out a new routine that helps me stay on top of my goals with meal prepping but also doesn’t keep me from having fun with my family.  I still haven’t figured it out but I’m thinking if I make sure to use one crockpot meal and double it that should really help and cut out some time spent in the kitchen.


This week my crock pot meal was one I’ve shared with you guys in the past, Slow Cooker Honey Chipotle Chicken.  You can find step by step pictures and videos of this recipe on my instagram highlights under “June Recipes”.  It’s a keeper!  I also made our house favorite Brown Rice and Turkey Skillet.  We literally make this every other week because it is SO simple and my husband LOVES it!


Next up were the Greek Turkey Burgers but honestly I was too exhausted to cook them on Sunday when I did the others.  Husband to the rescue!!  He cooked them on Monday night and even took a photo or two.  This is a big deal and a huge help!  On Mondays he has the girls at home by himself because I teach a class that night so for him to get this done was a chore.

The burgers had a ton of flavor and the “sauce” was super easy to make.  Why do we tend to think if there is a sauce it’s going to be hard?  For this greek sauce or dip you just mix together greek yogurt, lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Simple.  I chopped up cucumber and tomato to pair with the turkey burger and sauce along with brown rice.  Emerson and Maggie Kate actually ate these burgers also!  They were eating spinach and didn’t even know it!

Hope you guys have a great week and I would love to know when you make any of these recipes!


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