Recipe Change Up-Tortilla Soup and Buffalo Zucchini Boats

Hey friends, I hope you’re having a great start to your week! I’ll be honest, I’m kind of in a funk this week. Boo. I feel like I’ve just been going thru the motions the last week or so. Basically I’m just ready for VACATION! The count down is ON…only four days!

While on vacation I plan on prepping a couple items and sharing them with you guys so we can all learn how to stay on track while in vacay mode. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll make up for it with my liquid intake and evening meals but maybe, just maybe I’ll stay on track the majority of the day with my eating.

Goodness, that already sounds almost impossible. I’m SUCH a snacker so all of the little yummies for the kids will be a BIG temptation. Hopefully I can keep it under control!

But before I jump to vacay mode let’s recap some recipes from this week! I did one new recipe, Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats, and I revamped the tortilla soup I’ve made in the past (original post found here).

So the zucchini boats were a big hit! Super flavorful and decently filling. I was satisfied with the suggested serving (two boats) but Tyler needed a third. I can’t say I blame him, without any real carbs I was left wanting a little more!img_1958.jpg

So I’ll link the original recipe {here} but I’m also going to give a couple recommendations on how to change it up! First of all, I used ground turkey instead of ground chicken but mainly because I have started buying my ground turkey in bulk at Sams so it’s already in the freezer. From there I made it just as the recipe calls but used about half the cheese. Anybody else notice that “healthy” recipes still use WAY too much cheese?

img_1970.jpgNext time I have some ideas on how to change it up. I’ve thought about adding rice and Greek yogurt to the meat. The rice would add some carbs {I have to have carbs} and the Greek yogurt will add protein and make it a little creamy. I thought about also adding dry ranch dressing mix to the meat. We shall see what I decide.  How would you change it up?

I totally forgot to take an after pic, by the time I remembered my husband was on boat number three!

On to the soup! Yum! I haven’t made this in a month or two but had really been craving it. In the past I made it in the Instant Pot {recipe found here} but this time I went for the crock pot. I didn’t like the chunks of chicken in the original recipe so I decided to use breasts in the crock pot and then shred them before serving.

**Yall, I always say this but let me reiterate measuring your proteins*** Once the chicken was cooked [I did 4 hours on high] I took it out to shred. Once it was shredded I measure out 4oz for each serving. From there I just divided the liquid portion of the soup evenly between each serving. Voila! You’re done! I served with avocado, Greek yogurt, hot sauce, and a tiny bit of cheese.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week!  Be on the lookout for TWO new blog posts coming soon centered around family beach vacation!


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