Charcuterie–my love language

Charcuterie:  cold cooked meats collectively

Just so we’re all on the same page here, ALL food is my love language.  But charcuterie boards and I have a very special affair going on.  They are my faves and I’m petty much guaranteed to order them at any restaurant I enter.  And you can guarantee I’ll critique it like it’s my job.  And of course, I have no formal training in meat and cheese pairings but hey, I know what tastes good.  And I know that if I have a strong cheese I’m going to need a fig spread or ripe raspberry to go with it.  And you need to offer me pickles AND olives because that’s just what you’re supposed to do.  In my book atleast.  (My only “formal training on charcuterie boards actually came from a fun blog called “The BakerMama”  She has a blog post dedicated specifically to preparing charcuterie boards.)

Anyways, last night my husband and I were home alone on a random week and really didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  We decided we would grill out so I ran to the store on the way home from the gym and I knew exactly what I wanted to get.  A tasty bottle of wine and all the makings of a yummy charcuterie board.


Now I may know what tastes good when I taste it but I have a terribly difficult time picking the cheese out myself.  Normally, I let Kroger do the deciding for me.  I just pick 3 cheeses that are on sale! Tada!  I love a good brie so I look for one of those, blue cheese is also a favorite but lasts night was a little strong for my taste, and then I actually had a sharp cheddar already at home.

For the meat I always go with one of the packages that has a few different meats, I’m not too particular on which ones.  My husband and I pretty much love it all!  I grabbed raspberries and blackberries to add to the board but I had pretty much everything else at home.  Or so I thought.  I got home and my olives were molded and my jam was empty.  BOO!  Talk about a bummer!

If you’re going to make a board you do need two very important items:  a board and cheese knives. Lucky for you, I found you a set that includes both! And it’s super cute!

The whole point of this being–charcuterie boards are easy to make and are a fun dinner or appetizer for you and the hubs!  They can also be an easy dish to take to your next get together with friends, they’ll be so impressed.  Promise!  They also make ya feel fancy!  Who doesn’t want to feel fancy?

My husband also grilled a phenomenal piece of salmon for us to split with some grilled veggies.  Grilled salmon is definitely his signature dish!



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