Recipe Recap—Ground Turkey Fried Rice

Happy Monday you guys! I hope you have set your intention for the week and plan on #winning it! My goal this week is to stay in control of my emotions and reactions this week and make it a GREAT week! I urge you to join me in that! We are in complete control of how we handle every single twist, turn, or bump we encounter this week.


Enough with the motivation, let’s chat food! I’ll be honest, yesterday was the first time I’ve prepped more than one or two meals at a time. Summer has been a time of relaxation and chaos, meaning no set schedule. I’ve just enjoyed it and not stressed over prepping for the entire week on Sunday. BUT, even with the best of intentions of cooking again later in the week, it’s been hard to keep on track because my food hasn’t been prepared. So here we are, back to Sunday prep!

This week I made a new recipe so I wanted to share it with y’all! I made Ground Turkey Fried Rice, a recipe I found on Show Me the Yummy. (Find the recipe here: Ground Turkey Fried Rice) This recipe required a few ingredients I don’t normally have in my pantry but I was excited to add them so I can use them more in the future! I make a lot of Mexican flavored preps because I have those ingredients but now I’ll have everything I need for Asian meals also!

The only change I made to this meal was that I doubled the amount of peas. I like to up the veggies in most of my preps so it’s more filling and it helps me get in more veggies. That’s always something I’m aiming for, more veggies!  I even thought next time that you could also add riced cauliflower!  Either way, you are going to want to make this meal!  It’s flavorful and QUICK!  I started measuring out the servings to put into the prep containers (find my favorite containers here: glass meal prep containers) and Tyler (the hubs) was shocked that I was already done!  So fast!

img_2316After I prepped for the week I also threw together a yummy Mexican dinner!  I wilted spinach then added a wedge of laughing cow spicy pepper jack cheese.  Do this ASAP.  Creamy, cheesy spinach that’s not indulgent!  Then we had turkey taco meat mixed with charred corn and blistered tomatoes and a side of rice.  For the corn and tomatoes I heated a stainless steel skillet over high heat, sprayed with coconut oil, then added the veggies.  I stirred occasionally until they were cooked to my preference.  You’re going to thank me later for that.  It’s a new, easy way to dress up mexican night!

Have a great week and own it!


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