Announcing: My Balanced Week

Women are so great.  I think we get a bad wrap a lot of times.  That we are deceiving and untruthful.  That we are “cut throat” or “two faced”.  It’s really quiet terrible when you think of how women can be described.  Thank goodness those aren’t the type of women I surround myself with.


I surround myself with women who are loving, uplifting, funny, sarcastic, wine lovers, fitness lovers, Jesus followers, and much more.  At this point in my life, with sleep very little and time more important than it’s ever been, I’m stingy with my friendships.  I need friends that make me better.  That hold me to a standard that we somehow agree on even though we’ve never discussed it.  Accountable.  That’s what they are.

Why is it that when someone is holding up accountable we do so much better? It really doesn’t matter the subject or situation, I do better when someone is watching. I eat better if someone is with me that knows I’m trying to eat foods that make me feel better. I workout more often now because my Apple watch tells all my friends when I get in a workout. I complete more items on my to-do list if someone knows what all is on this list.  I spend more time with Jesus when I’m doing a group bible study.

Face it. We do better if we have accountability. So I have an idea. Hopefully it’s not too crazy and some of you will think it’s a good one and will join me. So we can do better.

I started brainstorming and have come up with 4 areas of accountability that I think, when balanced, can help us become our best.

  • Meal Prepping–Fuel your body, not just fill it
  • Movement–Staying active throughout the day
  • Scheduling–planning and managing your daily to-do list
  • Self Care–prioritizing your spiritual and emotional well being

I know these are big areas to tackle. I really think we can make some major strides towards living our best life by focusing on them. What about you?  Are these important to you?  Enough to make them a priority?  Do you want to tackle accountability with me?!  If so I would love to haven you in my brand new, super fun accountability group!  Leave your email below for all the deets!

Oh yeah, and have a wonderful rest of the week! 

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