Did someone say waffle?!

img_3040-3025362848-1539371530484.pngSo we’ve made it to October 12th.  Do you know the significance?  That means it’s been twelve whole days of no sweets.  I feel like we should discuss this no sweets things.  I don’t want you to think I’ve change my ways and no longer believe in balance.  That’s totally not whats going on here.  What WAS going on is that I had totally let the balance go when it came to sweets and I thought I needed/deserved/earned (however you convince yourself) all the time.  Like, if I saw a sweet, I ate it.  That, my friend, is not balance.

So, like any normal person (aka crazy) I decided to give up ALL sweets for the entire month of October.  Cause that’s balance, right?  No it’s not.  But I needed to get serious about this and I knew if I didn’t set a time line that required quiet a  bit of effort then I wasn’t going to succeed.  See, I’m competitive.  Even with myself.  So, I’m in a competition EVERY DAY to see if I can make it.  So far, I am 100% winning!

—Three hours later I’m back to continue this post and I’m still winning.  At lunch we had 2 dozen cupcakes delivered and I stood my ground!  Whoop!  High five to myself!—

Anyways, the whole reason I sat down to write this was to let you in on one of the ways I’ve been able to succeed.  Waffles.  Protein Waffles to be exact.  And listen, if you are going to be Negative Nancy just go head and leave now.  Aint nobody got time for that.  Protein waffles are not considered a sweet because, hello, P R O T E I N.  I’ve told myself I can’t have pumpkin bread or muffins or banana bread but protein waffles on the other hand, I can.


I’ve made them two ways lately and honestly I kind of think I like the ones using protein powder the best (don’t worry recipe is at the bottom).  Well, really I do like the ones using Kodiak Cakes probably the best (pictured above).  You pretty much can’t tell a difference from a regular waffle.  I guess I’m siding the protein powder waffle because it still tastes really good and give me even more protein.

Ok, so here is the run down for the protein powder recipe:

That’s it yall!  So easy!  Mix it up, pour it in your waffle maker, and ta-da!  It comes in at 170 calories (5g carbs, 6g fat, 26g protein) so I can add A LOT of toppings which makes me oh so happy!  Here are a couple of ways I’ve had them so far!

Yall have a great weekend and eat some waffles!


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