Here's to living your best life.

We all have our own roller coaster journey. We can’t always control it and most of the time things have a way of taking their own course. Right now I’m in the best season of my life, but that’s not what I want you to see when you look at me.

I haven’t always been confident with healthy eating.

I spent years accepting the reality that I would never be “small” by my standards. Then one day I decided I didn’t have to live in that reality. I committed to figuring out how to make a change.

It was overwhelming at first.

Every healthy meal seemed like it would take forever to cook, use more ingredients than I had budgeted for on grocery trips, or would be basic and taste terrible. What’s worse, I would have to be super strict about every calorie and gram of food that crossed my lips. Who has time for that?

Between my spouse, my kids, and my job, making time for this level of meal prepping meant taking time I didn’t have. I needed a new way to meal prep. I needed healthy meals for the week without losing my nights and weekends confined to the kitchen.

This is The Balanced Prep.


My first goal is to reduce the number of steps involved in any prep. Anytime I can combine or eliminate steps, you better believe I’m doing it! That means the number of ingredients are practical and the amount of time spent is reasonable so you can get back to life.


There’s no need to overcomplicate your meals. You can have a variety of flavors that keep it interesting throughout the week without cooking 10 meals. In fact, you can set yourself up for an entire week with just a couple of hours in the kitchen!

Relationships Above All Else

As much as I love my kitchen, I love my family time more. I’m always thinking about how I can do things more quickly and efficiently. The faster I can get meals done, the faster I can get back to this crew. This is the heart of The Balanced Prep.

Take Care Of Yourself

Something else I value more than ever is my commitment to take care of myself. That includes exercise! I’m so hooked on group fitness classes that I became a certified group fitness instructor. I love the tribe feeling and support!

How can I help you?

The Balanced Prep has very little to do with me. I’m just like you – trying to make it through life doing the best I can to take care of myself and my family. I’m sharing my journey to spread hope and support. Here are some things I put together that will get you on track to success with meal prepping.


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