Budget Friendly Meal Prepping

Is it a thing?  Can you find ways to EASILY save money by meal prepping?

I’m digging in today to talk budget.  I think for most of you, unless there is some millionaire out there reading this blog, finding a way to save money on groceries is a concern.  For some it’s at the top of the list and then for others maybe it’s on the bottom.  But I think it’s definitely a “thing” for most people.  You walk into Kroger/Walmart/Etc with a list and you walk out spending way more than you thought.  But it’s food.  You have to have it.  So what do you do?


Well, I’m going to spend a little bit of time breaking down a couple ways you can save by meal prepping.  Some of these I practice religiously.  Some of these I wish I did.  For me, I have to go in a sequential order for this to make sense so I’m going to start with how you choose your recipes.

Group your recipe choices.

So, every week when I sit down to plan out what I am prepping this week it starts the same way.  I normally have 4 recipes that I decide on but how I decide what to cook comes down to two rules:

  1. One has to be a crockpot meal.
  2. Only two types of protein.

The first rule should be pretty obvious as to why it’s a rule.  Ease.  I can throw items in the crockpot and have one meal basically done with 5 minutes of prep work while I cook the other meals.

The second rule is also for ease but is also a huge help for budgeting.  When you group your proteins you are able to buy in bulk.  Buying in bulk always leads to savings in teh grocery department.  This leads me to the next step to save…

Plan for the month.


So you’ve grouped your proteins for the week but wait, what if you need some of the same proteins the next week?  Wouldn’t it make sense to already know that.  What if that protein is on sale this week?  You could go ahead and buy next weeks also and save money!

So plan ahead.  Why not go ahead and take the time to plan out the entire months worth of meals at the beginning of the month.  Now I get it.  That can seem overwhelming.  But guess what?!  I’LL DO IT FOR YOU!  Did you know that?  I actually provide 4 week meal prep guides EVERY SINGLE MONTH for a very small fee.   {I’ll come back to this at the end of this post but if you already know you want in on this go ahead and SIGN UP NOW}

And yes, I know this is about SAVING money, not spending it but I also believe that some things are worth the price!  And honestly, by having your entire month planned out you are going to save SO MUCH MONEY.  Think about all of those times you have to stop and grab lunch or dinner because you didn’t have groceries to cook.  Normally, you don’t have groceries because you didn’t know what you wanted to cook when you went to the store.  Now you’ll know, as long as you plan ahead.  {On that same note, my meal prep guides also come with a weekly grocery list!}

Ok, so next step…

Make a Sam’s Club/Costco Run.

I’m going to assume you know that Sam’s/Costco provides groceries at a cheaper price because you are buying in bulk.  Remember how I just said you should plan out your meal for the whole month?  Now you’ve planned and can go buy quite a few of your items in bulk!

I just did the math and you can save $1.10 per pound of lean ground turkey.  At Sam’s Club you can get 5lbs of 93/7 ground turkey for $13.45 and at Kroger that’s going to cost you $18.95. (and that’s actually a sale price at Kroger, it would normally be $23.95 for 5 pounds.  That’s $10 in savings!)  At our house we go thru around 8 pounds of ground turkey every 4 weeks.  Same thing with chicken, you can get a much better price.  With one simple change you could save money month after month!

Of course, I realize you have to join one of these locations in order to shop there but the savings still outweighs the price.  It costs $45 to join Sam’s, we would have saved that in less than 3 months JUST from ground turkey.

But really it all comes down to this:

Cook what you buy.

Yall.  We need to have a serious talk.  Why do we buy groceries and then not use them.  It’s pretty irresponsible.  And embarrassing.  For multiple reasons but we will start with the economical reason.  Duh, it’s wasteful.  When I start getting annoyed by not having enough money to go buy X, Y, Z I start to think about the spring mix I let go bad in my fridge.  Every single month.  Or the items in my freezer I haven’t cooked and are now freezer burned and no good.  Or how about that pantry with multiple cans of veggies just waiting to be eaten?  I would hate to keep track for a year of all the groceries my family throws out/doesn’t eat.  I mean, I probably could keep up with a legit skin care routine with all of that money.  Botox and all.

No but really, there is a bigger problem at hand than my desire to pump chemicals into my forehead.  (but don’t get me wrong  I DO want to pump chemicals into my forehead)  So many people don’t have what we are taking for granted.  Obviously we could turn this into a whole different discussion but the point it:  You bought the groceries to eat.  So eat them.  Many people around you wish they could have walked into that grocery store to buy those same things you are throwing out but can’t.  And when you start eating what you buy, you’ll also start saving money on the junk you’ve been getting in the drivethru.

How can I help?

Like I mentioned before, I can definitely help you out! Just shoot me a quick email and I’ll touch base with all of the services I provide!  Email me at thebalancedprep@gmail.com


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