Friday Favorites–Vol 2

Hey hey! I really enjoyed sharing my Friday Favorites a couple weeks ago and thought I would try to share every couple of weeks. I don’t want to commit to every week because really that’s going to just become me stretching and reaching to find Favorites every week so I they won’t actually BE favorites.

I do have a couple things I do want to share though so here we go…

  1. Cold Brew Coffee Press-This is 100% my new obsession!  My sister has been raving about cold brew for almost a year now and I was not listening.  My mistake.  I figured it had to be hard to make (couldn’t be more wrong) or that it really wouldn’t be any better than my regular coffee.  Well thank goodness I tried it out because I LOVE it!  I have a cheapo press that I got at target (find it on amazon here) but my sister has this legit one (find it here).  Now that I’ve fallen in love I might have to get it!
  2. Natural Unsweetened Coconut Flakes-Basically I find a way to incorporate these into as many foods as possible.  I have added them to my overnight oats, my yogurt, my breakfast muffins, just whatever.  If you think you don’t like shredded coconut but all you’ve tried are those skinny tiny pieces of artificially sweetened mess at the store, do yourself a favor and try out the REAL DEAL.  I found mine at TJMaxx but I’m linking Trader Joe’s here.
  3. Mrs Meyers Cleaning Products-Since my kitchen is ALWAYS a mess–hello kids and meal prepping and being a catch all for the house–I am always on the lookout for new cleaning products.  I love Mrs. Meyers because they smell SO GOOD and they have seasonal scents.  I was just reminded by their email about the very best scent that will be back soon, Apple Cider!  Ahhhh, Fall is coming my friends!  ***If you want to try out these cleaning products {click here} for a FREE 5 piece gift set!  You can’t go wrong with FREE!***
  4. MY NEW APPLE WATCH-eeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!  Yall know I have been dreaming of an apple watch for SO long!  My husband is wayyyy to good to me and surprised me with one for an early anniversary present.  He is too good!  Now I just need to accessorize it a little, lol.  I’m sure that’s just what he had in mind when he bought it for me, that I would want to buy accessories that cost an arm and a leg.   So I’m on the look for a nice band to wear on date nights.  I just don’t love rocking a “sports band” when I finally decide to put on cute clothes, heals, and makeup.  But then I’m like, well crap what kind of band do you get?  leather?  metal?  what’s a girl to do?

Happy Friday and enjoy a relaxing, fun weekend! Don’t forget to prep! 


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