Friday Favorites–Vol 3

What’s up everyone?!  We made it to Friday!  Put a smile on your face and finish the day so we can can get home and pour a glass of wine to celebrate making it thru another week!  I had a short week this week since we were gone on vacation but I’ve also been sick and not feeling well so I’m ready to wrap up the week, short or not.  It’s always a little tough to jump in full steam halfway thru the week after vacation too, am I right?

On to the business at hand, for this addition of Friday Favorites I’m going a different route.  This week I have ordered quite a few new food items  (shh, don’t tell Tyler) to try that I am super pumped to try out so why not go ahead and share those items with you!  Of course, over the next couple weeks you are going to see me reference them when I cook so doesn’t it make sense for you to get access to them now?  I think yes!


Flavor God Seasonings:  So I’ve actually been debating ordering these Flavor God seasonings FOREVER.  I mean, probably 2 years.  They just always seem expensive and having not used them personally I just kept putting off ordering them.  Well, yesterday as I was surfing social media I saw that they were having a sale and broke down and bought some!  And buy some I mean 8.  Whoops.  Interested in trying them out yourself?  Use my referral code and get a discount {ASHLYCUMM68O} on your order!  An extra plus, some of the seasonings come with a free e-cookbook to download!


PaleoByMaileo Subscription Box: So I am really excited about this one! I love to try out new snacks and by going with PaleobyMaileo I know I am getting quality products that will fuel my body!  I choose the monthly subscription but there are actually multiple different options for the boxes.  I am crossing my fingers that I get some of the Primal Kitchen bars because I already know I really like those!  But really I’m just excited to get some new snack bar ideas!

 Ok, so last week on instagram I shared with yall that awesome 2-ingredient pizza dough.  Well, guess what?!  I’ve got another trick up my sleeve!  Well, it was really someone else’s trick but now I’m sharing it with you guys!  Instead of using self-rising flour, try using Bob’s Red Mill Low Carb Baking Mix.  I’ve been told it’s way easier to work with and well, duh, it’s low carb!  Ordered this today so I’ll have to use next week to make pizza or flatbreads!  Yum, right?!

 Last, but definintely not least, I am finally breaking down and trying out Kodiak Cakes Pancakes!  These pancakes have 14g of protein per serving and from what I hear are super tasty!  This week I tried some of the to-go options, they have little cups that you can heat up in the microwave, and I was impressed!  I’ll go ahead and link those options as well in case you are interested in those!  Oh wow, actually, I just found a variety pack in Amazon that look delish so I am ordering those NOW!  (Kodiak Cakes Muffin Variety Pack)

Hope yall enjoyed this edition of Friday Favorites and have a wonderful weekend!


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