New Year Goal Setting

Happy 2020!

Reflecting on 2019 has me all up in my feels. I can remember this time last year, I sat down with my hubs over our traditional “lucky meal” of spicy black-eyed pea soup, my sister’s spicy collard greens, and cornbread to set goals. I knew I had big plans for The Balanced Prep in 2019. I was going to set out to create a cookbook!

Luckily that little goal of a cookbook became much more and in 2019 I not only released The Meal Multiplier Cookbook, The Balanced Prep Method Course, a FREE 2-Hour Prep Challenge and The Kitchen Club meal prep subscription service all available on my newly designed website!

This year as I brainstorm what’s ahead for 2020 I feel like my goals are falling a little short. Sometimes I think, “they aren’t big enough or bold enough, or if I’m not embarking on a new adventure that I’m not aiming high enough.” Have you ever been there? This is so far from the truth though.

In fact, I’m starting to think the small, simple goals or changes in routines can be the hardest and boldest choices we can make. They are the changes that shape your daily actions…and if you try to change one tiny thing EVERY SINGLE DAY of 2020 that’s going to have a huge impact. Even more impact than some enormous goal that probably won’t ever come to fruition because you don’t take the time to actually figure out how to make it happen. You need an action plan- big or small.

So this year I have just a few small goals—

  1. Give my kids my undivided attention for 30 minutes every day. No phone, no TV, no laundry, no washing dishes – focusing my entire attention on them. Being a working mom, dedicated wife, business builder and fitness instructor I have a hard time turning my focus just on my kids. I’m always multitasking. I want to stop concentrating so much time checking off the to-do list and start playing more.❤️
  2. Wake up earlier. I’m not going to say I’m getting up 30 minutes earlier or even 5 minutes earlier, just earlier. I want to stop waiting for the last minute to get up and get going to that I don’t start my day trying to beat the clock. ?
  3. No phone after I get in bed. ??Why do we do that? I just want to stop. (Plus, doing this helps you sleep better…and it may help me get more sleep so I can actually wake up earlier ?)

So again, nothing lofty or crazy ambitious. Just getting back to being the real me which will make me a better mom, wife, coworker, and friend.

I realize you may not have small goals. Maybe, like me last year, you do have big things in store – dreams that you want to see come to life. If you do PLEASE SHARE! I would love to follow along on your journey! I absolutely don’t want to discredit you taking a leap of faith, DO IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY! It may seem overwhelming and scary, but you’ve got this!??

So where are you at? Have you sat down to reflect on 2019 and what’s coming in 2020? If you haven’t, or really even if you have, I wanted to make you a worksheet to use to brainstorm different areas of your life, how successful you’ve been in those areas and what you can work on. Take some time for yourself this New Year’s Day to evaluate what truly fuels your soul!

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