Recipes reinvented for faster meal prep.

Discover 28 fresh recipes that multiply into 54 healthy, flavorful, and flexible meals perfect for prepping.

Most people never start meal prepping because they get stuck at the first step: finding recipes.

You know what it feels like to get hyper-motivated to start something new. It could be a new hobby, workout routine, or a renewed commitment to eating healthy. You’ve got all of this energy and excitement to go full-force into it when you have this startling realization that kills your momentum.

What am I doing? How do I even start?

Nevertheless, you try to press on only to realize you’re just spinning your wheels. Eventually, you lose interest and write it off as a failed attempt. With your spirits crushed, you go back to the old reality a little more bitter that it didn’t work out.

That’s exactly how I felt about meal prepping. I knew it would be a game changer if I could figure out how to get all of my meals done at once and be set for the week. But the more I scrolled Pinterest and searched the internet for “meal prep healthy recipes” it became obvious that I was only getting more confused and overwhelmed.

Eventually, I realized that the only way I was going to be successful at meal prepping is if I looked at recipes in a new way.

This is the cookbook I wish I had when I first started meal prepping. It would have saved me countless hours and frustration. My goal is to restore your hope in meal prep. This book is the first step.

~ Ashly


What You'll Find Inside



Every recipe has a base, i.e. the main component of the dish. When you isolate the base, a world of options become available when planning your meal prep.



Once you choose a base, you'll discover variations with slightly different supporting ingredients. This gives you the variety you crave to stay on track.



I love a good one-dish meal! Anything that I can mix all together, set a timer, and come back to a complete meal is a win in my book. Bonus points if it's healthy!


Bonus Tips & Tricks

Keep an eye out for some speed hacks and other tips that make meal prepping a breeze.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you wish you could meal prep but get overwhelmed by finding recipes.

If you’ve tried meal prepping but get frustrated by how long the recipes take.

If you’re looking for quick, healthy meal options.

If you just want some wins in the kitchen when it comes to quick and flavorful meals.

I have a unique way of approaching meal prep. It has to be quick or I’m not interested. I look for as few ingredients as possible to pull together a meal. I also look for ways to take similar components but put a different twist on it to create a different meal. This keeps the variety that kills the typical repetition that comes from meal prep.

It really comes down to a simple formula: Base x Variations = Meals Multiplied

I could tell you that 9 times out of 10 I’ve got my phone, tablet, or laptop on the kitchen counter when I’m trying new recipes. I could tell you that statistics about the popularity of tablets in the kitchen. I could go on-and-on about the convenience of a PDF versus a 92-page physical book.

Honestly, a digital cookbook was the best way for me to get this into as many hands as possible. 🙂

None. You can spend hours that scouring the internet to find recipes that are fast, flavorful, and flexible. You might even find some recipes that are similar to mine or the 1,000,000 other chicken dishes.

The Meal Multiplier is a collection of my recipes that are deconstructed and organized in a way that makes it easy to cook several meals simultaneously. I’ve taken the guesswork out of meal prep recipes with this cookbook.

Finally take control of your meals, your time, and your health.​

This is where you gain the confidence in your food choices and reclaim the time you’ve lost for yourself and your family. This is the fastest meal prep you will ever take on. Let’s do this!


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