Mind Game. Game Over.

We’ve all been there. Rolling thru the week feeling positive and motivated and then it hits. I let one little piece of the puzzle wreck our mindset.

You start to feel like you aren’t enough. Aren’t worthy. Afraid because of judgement and expectation. Weak. Imperfect.

I’ve been there. Or rather, I’m currently there and making my way out of it. You see it only takes one thing to get your mind in a rut. To distract your positive motivations and keep you in the middle of the rut.

For me it’s the scale that puts me there and February the scale controlled my every move. I didn’t celebrate my wins in time management {hello I went to the gym 5 times every week!}, my increased strength and stamina, my growing confidence. Instead I let all of those things be ripped away by a number. And to make me feel better I ate the things I knew WOULDN’T make the scale go down because it wasn’t going down anyway. It wasn’t good.

For you it might be something different. It might be that you don’t feel like you’re measuring up at work because you needed an extra day or two to meet a deadline. So then you become consumed with work and loose the work/life balance you had created. It might be at home because you haven’t had the energy to cook dinner in the evenings so you’ve picked up takeout instead and now you’re loosing your temper on your husband and family because you’re feeling like you aren’t enough. It might be with friends because you feel like you’re barely surviving new changes at home and don’t have the time or energy for your monthly girls night now so shut down and avoid them all together.

It can be so different for everyone. But also EXACTLY THE SAME. We are all letting ONE situation dictate our worth. We have to stop. We’ve got to step back and realize that it’s just one small piece of the puzzle. As a dear friend reminded me, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”!

So let’s talk about how we can change! My advice is to start by listing all the things you DO want to define you and to claim them. This entire conversation has been about mindset so if you’re reading this for this long you have to somewhat believe in the power of the mind. Take control of your mind today.Here is what I am claiming:

  • Overall good health, not a number on the scale
  • A thriving, chaotic home making memorable moments
  • Mental focus and energy to work hard for YOU, my TBP Family
  • A loving and selfless marriage
  • Friends that get the big picture and encourage me to be my best self, with a cocktail in hand
  • To remember The One who gives it all to me and loves me like no one else

I hope you’ll join me in taking control of your mind game. Game over.


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