New Year, New You? Isn’t That How It’s Supposed To Go?

Whats up my crew!  It has been FAR too long and I really hope you won’t hold that against me!  I’ve been busy with kiddos, holidays, and life PLUS you guys ALWAYS ask for me to post to my recipes in Instagram so I just got lazy and only posted there!  Oh well, as the title states, New Year, New Me!

So lets catch up for a few, why don’t we?  Over the holidays I had an awesome mindset.  Don’t let the last couple months of the year RUIN all your hard work!  Stay the course!  You don’t deserve to indulge at 15 different family functions!  You don’t need two servings of pie!  Don’t skip the gym!  Don’t stop meal prepping! …you get the point.  All that was good and dandy until the actual last three weeks and then $#1+ got real.  It got tough to say no.  And so I added on a little of…well let’s just call it “Christmas fluff”.

To say I was anxiously awaiting the new year is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  Now, don’t get me wrong, I had already gone back to my normal ways of eating post Christmas but something about the new year just gets you extra focused.  And the last few months I had already decided that spring of 2019 was going to be a time of VERY intentional time of self control.  So I was just ready to hit January 1st and get my mind right!

So what was going to be my game plan?  Well, I had seen a friend have some phenomenal results with some products I had used in the past and I was curious.  They had changed up the regime a little but and she had dropped 40 pounds since August!  Woa!  Long story short, I decided to jump in with that on January 3rd.  Today marks the 1/2 point of the “challenge” and I’m pumped to say multiple things have resulted:

  1. Christmas fluff is gone (to the tune of 5 pounds)
  2. My jeans are buttoning easily again PTL
  3. I don’t feel like I’m on a “challenge” just that I’ve added in vitamins to my normal routine and I’ve got more energy
  4. I’ve got more energy!!
  5. I see this going way more than 28 days because it super simple and easy to do!

So I’m sure you’re wondering what I chose to do and I’m definitely going to share that with you BUT the point of this actually is that it’s not a “New You” approach.  You shouldn’t start the year resolving to change into someone you aren’t.  You should resolve to make one or two small changes that improves who you already are.  Own you.  Just aim to be better!


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