Not Where I Thought This Was Going…

So last week I got kind of real with you guys and gave you a “before and after” pic.  I’ve been wanting to share a transformation picture for a while now but I couldn’t quite decide how to go about it.  Like I mentioned in my instagram post…all the thoughts come to mind when I see pictures like that of myself.

I think of how hard the last year has been.  I had my second baby girl and quiet frankly, she rocked my world.  You probably don’t even need to tell you that because if you know me personally that is like A BROKEN RECORD THAT YOU WISH WOULD STOP.  Me too, sister.  Me too.  It’s getting better.  Or I’m getting better.  Or she’s getting better.  All in all, we are moving in a better direction that includes sleep and happiness and smiles and wine.  Lots of wine.

I think of how much time I have dedicated to my health.  Thanks goodness I have a supportive husband.  Seriously.  I’ve been asked a few times how I find the time to work, meal prep, raise kiddos, workout, etc.  It all boils down to my support system.  He is THE best.

But back to how much time I dedicated to my health.  to myself.  Yall, I was selfish.  But you know what?  I had to be.  I had to say no to things.  I had to get up early and workout when I didn’t want to.  (well, sometimes I pressed snooze)  I had to ask my husband to do bedtime a couple nights a week with the baby.  I got up on Saturday mornings to workout early and then meal prep.  I was selfish with my time.

You know why I’m selfish with my time.  Because time matters.  How you spend your time shapes your life.  You can’t get it back.  You can’t give it to someone else to use.  You don’t get a re-do or get to add extra hours into the day.  Time is of the MOST importance.  And don’t get me wrong, you don’t always and shouldn’t always be selfish with your time.  We all have our own seasons of life.

But time.  Use it wisely.

Work the job you want to work.  You spend the majority of your time there.

Get up early to achieve goals that matter to you.  Goals for a healthier body.  Goals to build a successful business.  Goals to spend more time with Jesus.  Goals to start the day not as rushed.

Stay up late to spend more time with your spouse.  Or to finish that project you started but never followed thru with.  Or to pack a special lunch for your kiddos to give them an extra reason to smile.  To send a card to a family member, just to let them know you’re thinking about them.

We can do SO MUCH MORE with the time we’ve been given.

You know what else we can do with our time.  Fellowship.  Goodness.  This has been on my heart.  Fellowship.  Build a community, not just a network.  Get to know people.  Be real with them.  On Friday night, instead of staying home because it’s been a stressful week, get together with friends and find fellowship and community with them.  Have a girls night and invite everyone you can think of.  I’m personally doing this soon and I can not wait!  If you’re local, YOU ARE INVITED.  I want to pour into more friendships and I pray that there are other women and families that feel the same way.

This post was supposed to be about my transformation.  But like I mentioned, my mind goes in so many directions when I see that picture.  Today I got side tracked with something much more important than a couple pictures.  Time.


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