Surviving The Holidays

Work holiday parties, kids school functions, multiple family obligations, church events; the holidays are here! Not only are we stressed out trying to decorate our trees perfectly, but our calendars are filling up fast! With all those holiday obligations, it’s no wonder that the first things we sacrifice are our daily disciplines and routines.

I know your thought process because it’s been my own so many years before. How can you possibly have time to keep up with meal prepping, workouts, etc. with all these other things on your plate (pun intended)? My question is how could you NOT keep up with them? You’ve worked so hard to get where you are right now!

Here is what I know: no matter what, the holidays are going to be chaotic. You’re going to be pulled in every direction and expected to show up dressed to the nines with your signature dish in hand (or charcuterie board in my case). With things being so chaotic, why would you want to ADD to the chaos by not going into the week with a plan?

Organize The Chaos

We need to tweak those plans and disciplines to work with the season which is something I already encourage you to do weekly. At the beginning of every week, I take inventory of my calendar. It determines how many meals I prep vs how many I cook “on-demand.” It determines when I workout or where I workout. It determines if I get to have some extra self-care time or maybe set aside more time for my spouse.

I’m not saying you have to write down every single detail of your week unless that’s your jam, but it does mean that you need to go into every week prepared. Be disciplined enough to know how you are going to execute your goals for the week. This is EVEN MORE critical during the holidays.

Organize The Calories

I saw someone share in the last couple of years a tip about how to not eat everything in sight when you go to a holiday party, and I knew I had to share it. She said to take out your calendar and draw squares around the days that you know you were going to overindulge. With this visual reminder, it helps you to reel in ALL those other days during the month.

We all know that there just seems to be an abundance of sweets around during November and December. I don’t know about you but that green and red glazed donut just HAS to be better than the normal glazed donut. The temptation is real. With the visual reminder of those special occasions on your calendar you should be able to muster up more willpower than normal and pass on the donut!

Practice Self Discipline

Speaking of yummy food, I know you’re thinking you aren’t going to need as much prepped food during the holidays. This is always so confusing to me. Are you going to stop eating? Is that ONE holiday party during the week enough of a reason to cut out an entire week’s worth of meals? No ma’am!

Realistically, for those parties, you should think about eating your meal prep before you go. That way, when you get there you won’t be starving and inhaling all the dips, cookies, and casseroles while you wash it down with a gallon of eggnog. During this season, I’ll amp up my crockpot meals and freeze extra proteins for quick dinners or appetizers in the future. This is an especially good idea for soups! These are the bowls I use to freeze soups.

Don’t Slack On Your Workouts

Let’s go back to having to show up dressed to the nines. It’s no secret that when you put on the new outfit you bought that fit perfectly back in October, it’s going to be just a little snug if you aren’t maintaining your usual gym trips and meal preps! If you don’t want to turn into the grinch from the stress and chaos, you better not miss out on those workouts! Who cares about working off that piece of pie, I’m working off that awkward conversation I had with my crazy family member! Are you local and want to work out with me this holiday season? I would absolutely LOVE that! Here’s my schedule of group classes.

Remember, it’s always about planning ahead and maintaining as much normalcy as possible. You can eat delicious food, fit into your new holiday party outfits, and show up with a dish your family and friends love. To help you out, I’ll be sharing a recipe roundup of some yummy options just in time for the holidays! Until then, cheers to a fun season, maintaining your daily disciplines, and never missing out on good times!


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