Surviving Vacay

Ahhhh, vacation! I can picture it now…my children are both on their best behavior, they wake up joyful and well rested at 9am to a gourmet breakfast I’ve whipped up after my energizing morning run and two cups of coffee.

Hahahahahahahaha. YEAH RIGHT.

We all know that’s not reality but truth be told, we actually did have a pretty awesome week at the beach. It actually went much smoother than I anticipated with 5 kids, 4 and under! Not too many breakdowns and not too many arguments that had to be refereed. Honestly most of the refereeing was between the one year olds. My Maggie Kate doesn’t do well with social interaction, ha!


Anyways, back to the topic at hand. How can you survive vacay without completely demolishing ALL of your hard work in the gym and kitchen? I posted in my insta-story and got some great suggestions. Here are a couple I took to heart along with some of my own:

  1. Don’t indulge at breakfast. Most mornings I stuck with eggs and toast which is basically what I eat everyday. Now yes, some days I had bacon or snuck a couple bites of donut but for the most part breakfast was an easy win!  I also stuck with plain coffee most days with my favorite collagen (get your own collagen here)
  2. Prep lunch. Now this is a pretty loose definition of “prep”. Maybe I should say plan your lunch. Basically, go to the store and buy SAFE and HEALTHY lunch options. Day one was tuna salad, wheat thins, and grapes. Day two a sandwich on my new favorite break (Dave’s Bread found here) with lots of turkey, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce. A couple days it was chicken salad with crackers again. We also made sure to pack up lots of fruit to snack on but let’s be honest, I had my fair share of chips! One day we did take the girls out to eat and I had the most wonderful Shrimp and Grits I’ve ever had at The Red Bar.
  3. You do you at dinner. Seriously though. A couple people said they recommend ordering a grilled fish and splurging on the side or appetizer but I say just order what ya want. If you’ve done good the majority of the day and you really want something, just do it. It actually IS vacation. I tried to order healthy one night and it left me annoyed and not satisfied. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  4. Skip the snacks, go for the dessert. I try not to snack as often on vacay so I that leaves me some extra calories to use on dessert!
  5. Workout daily, or as much as you can without feeling obligated to do so. This trip I worked out 6 out of 7 days which was a major WIN! Don’t get me wrong, one day I’m calling a bike ride post a couple drinks working out but hey, it’s more than I normally would have done on vacay. All the other days I actually put in a good amount of work and felt so great after!  One day I created a 30 minute AMRAP and was decently sore the next day!  300 yard sprint, 20 squats, 10 lunges each leg, 20 regular pushups, 20 tripcep pushups.  BAM, 350 calories in 30 minutes of work!  Pretty sure I did 120 of each type of pushup!

So those are my thoughts on surviving vacay. It seemed to work pretty good for me. I didn’t come home feeling bloated and huge. I actually feel “normal”. Like all of my clothes still fit great. I’m so thankful for all of the small changes I’ve made this year. I can tell I’m truly happier eating foods that fuel me…and drinking a life size Mimosa!


To know EXACTLY what to do post vacay to just BACK into gear check out my previous blog post here, Four Tips To Getting Back on Track Post Vacay.


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