The BEST Protein Bars You’ll Ever Eat…

Ok, let’s talk protein. This is a serious conversation so sit down and let’s hang out for a few. I’m super particular about all things protein. Protein powder, protein bars, protein balls. They CAN NOT taste like fake protein. Do you know what I mean? That chalky, stick to your mouth, give me a glass of water to wash this down taste. You know what I mean. It’s not good. And I can’t get past it. So I am always skeptical and remained that way when I was introduced to Breakout Bars.


A friend at work tried them and kept telling me how awesome they were. I definitely wanted to try them but she loved them so much she wouldn’t share! JK! She had only had them once or twice and had eaten them at home both times so I didn’t have an opportunity to try them.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and they were literally EVERYWHERE I looked. People were sharing them on social media and a couple local places were now carrying them. I just couldn’t keep my curiosity to myself, I had to reach out and see if I could try them out myself.

Enter my obsession.  I was really caught off guard at how good they were!  Now I’m not going to act like I can’t pick favorites and not-so-favorites but I was able to actually eat all of them!  I can not tell you have many times I have thrown away protein bars after just a little bite. I was honestly shocked at how much I liked some of them. I’m actually currently craving them because I haven’t ordered more!


So here are my faves: Crantastic and the Sea Salt Coconut Almond! Oh wait, I really loved the Oat Batter Baby….and the CocoNutty….you just really can’t go wrong! Just do yourself a favor and head to their website and order! You can use my discount code and get 10% off! {ASHLY10}


Discount Code: ASHLY10



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