The Blog Life…I Have No Clue What I’m Doing

I thought I should check in and give you guys an update on life and blogging. Let’s be completely open and honest here…I never planned to be a blogger. I wanted to share healthy meal prep ideas and the occasional indulgence but I needed a place to reference all of the recipes so now I am a a blogger. But I am a blogger with no time to blog.


So not like a boss at all. haha

That’s what I really wanted to touch base on. Last week I didn’t post a recipe recap and at first I felt bad because I wasn’t on vacation and honestly could have maybe found the time BUT that time would have been time I would have taken away from my family.

I have ONE rule for this blog. IT CAN NOT TAKE AWAY TIME FROM MY FAMILY. Period. I’ve been there and done that with side gigs and it leads to stress and unfulfillment and that’s just NOT what this blog is about.  Look how precious they are.  Would you want to sacrifice time with them?  I  bet not.


I guess I felt like I needed to say that so I’m off the hook. Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t take the blog seriously or that I want to put it on the back burner. Quite the opposite actually. But I MUST keep my priorities, my priorities.

So last week I found myself taking care of a sick baby on her birthday so I just wanted to soak her in. I prepped for the week but I did super easy meals (taco meat for salads and wraps and a new veggie overloaded meatloaf) so that I could take in my girls.


I also had to get everything squared away for the July Meal Prep Group so that took up any time I had to myself. (Side note-you should TOTALLY join my next group but if you want to jump in a day or two late for this one just request to JOIN HERE but make sure to check your messages bc I’ll have to private message you the rest of the info to join  Sorry, this group is now closed.  Email me to join the current meal prep group : )

Anyways, that’s a small update! I’m also working on getting some awesome new recipes together! These recipes are available only in the four week meal plan groups! Hopefully I’ll be able to change that in the upcoming months!

On the note of recipes–I am most likely not going to be doing weekly recipe recaps. I have found myself working so hard to find new recipes that I never get to tweak and perfect the ones that I’ve enjoyed along the way. Recipe Recaps will be a little more sporadic but I plan on sharing a little more of my personal life with you guys! Think fitness, kids, spirituality, and travel! Happy Monday and I’ll leave you with a few pics of what we’ve been up to lately!



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